Three reasons to be in IT industry-IT certifications to get there

Although, IT industry is cautiously optimistic towards its growth and developments, as gaining little momentum after the recent economic slowdown, let’s have a closer look at the factors that drive the IT professionals to stay in the ever growing IT industry. Also, let’s discuss how top IT certifications can help them in getting what they are looking for…

It’s all about Money
IT professionals really work hard, really hard. They wanted to get compensated for their hard work. The pay in IT industry is not just good, it’s great. According to recent survey, the computer and mathematical sciences ranked third in 2010 of all major occupational groups with an annual mean salary of $77,230.

Now, the IT certification which beget the IT professionals highest benefit are,
CCNA – Cisco Certified Network Associate, the average salary CCNA certification
holders get is $79,536 709, MCSE certification holders gets – $83,234 628, ITIL
v3 Foundation certification
holders get $93,250 586 and CompTIA Security+
holders gets $75,508 459 as average salaries.

Meet professionals at work
For people those who really want to work as educated high-end white collar executives should always go for IT industry. There are job profiles which needs dealing with professionals and not so professionals. The professionalism of IT workers gets considered in the elite group of society. Some IT training and certification include personality development and soft skills in their training modules which act as a courseware, compelling the IT professionals to learn the behavior skills. It is that part of the courseware which has become very significant in interviews these days.

IT industry is ever growing, the technological development happening every day,
is tremendous. The need of IT industry is ever increasing and IT majors are in
constant spree of IT certification holders. The chances of IT professionals to
get and keep their jobs are more than any other profession. The future looks very
bright for IT professionals. According to recent job growth forecasts, the IT workers
show tremendous growth such as, Software Architect at growth estimates of 34%,
Database Administrator at 20%, Information Systems Security Engineer at 23% and
Telecommunications Network Engineer 53%.

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