Top 3 IT security training courses and certifications: CEHv7, ECSA& CISSP

A variety of positions for certified security professionals has been developed in recent times in the IT industry, owing to the increased security concerns for both public and private sectors organizations. Hence, IT professionals seeking career in consulting must investigate through the three IT security training courses: CEH v7, EC-Council Certified Security Analyst training and CISSP training and certification.

The above mentioned IT security courses lay foundation for the careers in high level IT security positions. The specified programs range from mid-level for IT organization, as a professional in penetration testing to advance level such as professionals seeking positions as contractors searching for clearance based opportunities.

CEHv7 training represents a fantastic first step for network security specialist searching for initializing a career in the field of penetration testing. Penetration testers are generally, IT technicians with advance networking know-how who improves security of company’s network infrastructure, to gain access, employing many procedures of attack. CEH v7 certification hence, is the foremost step to validate one’s expertise in the industry.

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst training goes hand-in-hand with the CEH trainings, however, concentrates more on the network analysis side of penetration testing. ECSA training classes run simultaneously with LPT testing, enabling technicians to piggy-back their ECSA operate onto LPT preparation.

Finally, the CISSP or Certified Knowledge Systems Security Specialist training program is a comprehensive course covering a range of imperative topics in the field of knowledge security. CISSP is an advanced security course suitable for high-level IT security professionals and those operating in sensitive positions such as military or government agency contractors.

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