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The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is one of the most popular and in-demand certifications that ambitious IT professionals can pursue.

It is the best way to display your acquired knowledge and skills in your foundational knowledge of key Microsoft technologies to your current or future employer.

The Requirement:

It requires the passing of 2-3 exams which can be overwhelming even for the experienced test-takers.

Who all are taking the MCSA certification?

In a survey, it has been found out that 83.6% of the survey respondents are mid-level or higher in their careers

The MCSA isn’t necessarily designed as introductory certification. Although entry-level professionals may be able to successfully sit for the first exam, however by the time you get to the second and third ones you would likely to attain at least 2-4 years of experience to pass.

Are you skeptical about the value of MCSA? Don’t be…

MCSA is one of the top FIVE IT certifications in-demand certification of this year.

Data shows:

  • 67% of the IT professionals say that their training has enabled them to get a promotion or pay raise
  • 60% say a certification led to a new job

How important is the real-world experience and practice exams?

Real world exams:

  • 63.9% respondent says it is very important
  • 34.6% have an opinion that it is somewhat important, while
  • 1.4% says it’s not important

Practice exams:

  • 69.9% respondent says it is very important
  • 29.6% have an opinion that it is somewhat important, while
  • 2.5% says it’s not important

This data analysis simply shows that you just can’t read a book and pass the exams. You need to get hands-on experience with the product, so you can visualize scenarios during the exam.

How challenging are the exams?

  • 70.5 % respondents say that they are as difficult as other IT exams
  • 24.9% say they are harder, and only
  • 4.6% say they are easier

No Time to study!

55% of the students and aspirants say that finding time to study is one of the biggest challenges.

There is no escape to it…

  • These exams require a significant amount of study hours.
  • Make a study schedule
  • Keep it realistic and sticking to it at all cost
  • The mantra is to set short-term goals for yourself and rewarding yourself when you meet it.

Passing the exam?

81.2% passed at least one exam on the first try

Now, the next level -

Out of total number of respondents 75.8 % participants plan to pursue the Microsoft certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), which is the expert-level certification for which the MCSA is a pre-requisite.

Where to learn the tricks of the trade from?

Mercury Solutions Limited is a leading provider of IT training and Certification programs with more than 200 courses on Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, EC-Council, CompTIA, Apple, EXIN, Oracle and many more in various innovative and cutting edge methodologies, such as – classroom interactive mode, Bootcamps, Live interactive Online mode.


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