Why IT Trainings & Certifications are really important?

This has always been under constant discussion in IT circles, that how important the IT Training & Certifications really are. It goes without saying that the certification provides worth to the already gained IT skills it also add to ones credibility. However, the discussion is essentially on how well the professional can actually do the job.

No doubt that, certification provides the knowledge and skills that are required to gain experience and also validate the same, which are in demand among the potential and current employer. Certifications are an increasingly important means for building expertise levels. It improves ones marketability, employability and in this manner improves career opportunities.

There are certain good reasons why IT certifications are more relevant than ever:

Job retention- In recent turbulent times, to retain ones’ job is the most critical thing, as the laid offs are becoming a norm these days. Organizations want to keep those professionals only who can add value to the company, those who has most skills and knowledge.

Salary maintenance-To maintain the career growth and salary graph on a proper scale, it’s important to constantly evolve with times. With proper IT training & Certifications, organizations are more likely to pay you what you are really worth.

Increase employability & promotion eligibility- IT Trainings & Certification not only add worth to your resume, it improves your promotion eligibility in your existing job.

Career Improvement- To increase your pay and get a promotion you are required to show your worth by taking challenges and gain responsibilities. Most IT professionals just do their job instead of looking for long term career goals, by IT training & Certification you may display how competent you are and show your credibility to your employer.

Re-certification increase relevance- With the changing times, it is important to learn newer technologies.  Everything especially in technology needs reworking, certifications are not an exception. As IT industry requirements evolve, so must the IT technology and so must you.

Gives you competitive edge- IT Training & Certification, gives you an upper hand on the new product upgrades, as soon as you get certified you add credentials which gives value to your resume.

Effective Cost Maintenance – IT Trainings & Certifications enable organizations to reduce expenses, identify knowledge gaps and improve productivity.

Gives you confidence- During economic crisis and other unforeseen turbulent times, IT Trainings and Certification always adds confidence to you professionally.

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