Why Network Administrator is the Hot IT Job of the Future?

Are you at a professional crossroad in your IT career? If so, you should consider ways in which you might want to like to steer your career for future and start spinning skills around. Career as a Network Administration is lucrative, according to the recent demands of the industry is concerned.

Networking Administrators are largely responsible for maintaining computer hardware/ software system, responsible for making, maintaining and monitoring of a computer network. They also take care of the regular maintenance and monitor active data networks, converged infrastructure networks and other similar network equipment.

There is demands and supply gap in the global market for networking professionals. As per a recent survey performed, the projections (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) show that there is a need of additional 100,000 network administrators by the 2020. This shows a 10-year growth projection of 28% (approximately).

Isn’t it amazing news for beginners and industry veterans in networking field?

Now the question arise here is why there is such a huge requirement of Network Admins in this decade? The answer lies in the fact that organizations are trying to ward-off the growing number of attacks on their network by various malicious sources such as, hackers, malware, phishing and many more. Hence, the organizations are in search of well-trained Network Admins to take care of this situation.

Where are the major requirement areas?

Government and government agencies will be requiring Network Administrators. The state and local governments also will need Network Administrators. Besides, hospitals, banks and other financial institutions and big IT organization will be in need of these Network Admins.

What will you require to become Network Administrators?

Upon completion of your regular technical basic degree, it is essential to pursue the IT certification programs such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA N+, CCNA R&S Certification, MCSA windows Server 2012 training and certification and many such IT skills.

If is essential to be mindful of the industry phenomenon that employers are going to require vendor-specific training before they get you hired, training in official curriculum of technologies from Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, CompTIA and others give you the required edge.

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