Why SharePoint Training is a Must? Top 5 Reasons

Microsoft SharePoint Certification brings class of advanced Microsoft features that is sure to take your career to a better level. Everyone in the corporate world is aware about the importance of certification programs. Whenever an employer is hiring a candidate what can he expect more than a certified professional in the domain they are seeking staff.

The Microsoft SharePoint training and certification is globally recognized qualifications and IT professionals possessing this certification is a great asset for any organization. Increasing its portfolio Mercury Solutions Limited is providing latest training and certification courses on MCTS: MS Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuration and SharePoint Server 2010, Application Development.

SharePoint Training – the key benefits:

Still thinking about taking the Microsoft SharePoint Training and certification program? Have a look at Mercury Solutions’ Microsoft SharePoint training and certification program benefits, here.

  1. Branding – The features in SharePoint makes it really beneficial and simple for the developers to create a website which is pixel-perfect. Especially, the publishing features further assist in mitigating the efforts required to design brand and deploy a SharePoint site.
  2. Organizational intelligence - The tools and certain applications in Microsoft SharePoint enable to gain business intelligence by organizing crucial aspects of an organization’s people, processes, goals and performances.
  3. Business Connectivity is bliss - Microsoft SharePoint allows users to seamlessly access data which is stored outside Share Point server in business connectivity.
  4. Social Media feature - The media sharing feature of Microsoft SharePoint offers an even better user experience. A community like forum is introduced as a new feature; it is to categorize subjects and discussions so that users with similar interest can connect.
  5. Search – Mainly targeting search results and query processing, Microsoft SharePoint search feature quickly return relevant results more quickly. There are various other new additions, which one might understand having completed the Microsoft SharePoint training and certification program. This training program is for those who require getting better knowledge about the configuration, management and usage of Microsoft SharePoint.

Mercury Solutions Limited offers the most futuristic IT training courses for the global participants, after gauging the market trends and demands. Besides, upgrading your technical skills, it also puts you in the group of some extraordinary few who are certified by Microsoft in their latest technologies.

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