Your Last chance to clear CISA Exam June 2013

CISA Certification is established and sponsored by Information Systems Audit and Control Association-ISACA. It is an IT certification that is significant mainly for audit professionals. One needs to adhere to the ISACA ‘Code of Professionals Ethics’, for clearing the CISA certification exam primarily, besides getting proper CISA training and exam preparation.

Pre-requisites for CISA EXAM

The aspired professionals require adhering to the ISACA’s Code of Professionals Ethics. These professionals are required to submit the evidence of minimum five years of professionals IS auditing, control to security work and abide by a program of continuing professional education. However, there are many substitutions and waivers.

Benefits of CISA Certification

  • It demonstrates your working knowledge of information security skills.
  • It enhances you credibility, employability and your marketability.
  • Besides, it provides you with an access to valuable resources such as networking and idea.
  • Gives you access to network of global industry and subject matter.

Clearing CISA Certification

It is important to prepare well for the CISA exams. Clearing the exam is not an easy job! It is a 4 hours long exam extensive and physically demanding. The answer is to focus, be prepared and check, recheck the question paper and recheck the answer bubbles.

Few Tips for preparing the CISA Exam

  • Pre – booking for the exam is needed.
  • Self commitment is the goal.
  • Inform your near and dear ones, family and friends so they may help you boost.
  • Do not forget to leave any domain how many years of experience you may have.
  • The exam tests your auditor/ management and decision making skills as well.
  • Take quizzes and try to understand the reason (logic) for the correct answer.

On the day before the CISA Exam

  • Organize the documents such as Admission Ticket, ID cards – Driving License / Passport, Company ID and more.
  • Relax on the day before, as the exam is physically demanding and mentally exhaustive.
  • Make sure you have pencils, a sharpener and 2 pens.

Tips for cracking CISA exam

  • Try to complete the questions in 03:30 hours and answer the question that you know first.
  • Read and read again at least two times to get thorough understanding of the question.
  • Depending on the scenario, try to select cautiously answers, if you get stuck in between two similar looking answers.
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