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ECSA v9 / LPT Training and Certification Bootcamp

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSAv9) and Licensed Penetration Tester training and certification program consists of two components - EC-Council Certified Security Analyst training and Licensed Penetration Tester performance based assessment.

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA V9) certification, by exploring the analytical phase of ethical hacking, complement Certified Ethical Hacker certification. While, CEH training informs or provides fundamental knowledge to the learner about the hacking tools and technologies, ECSA v9 training Bootcamp further explores the domain and bring outcome from these tools and technologies.

ECSAv9 Bootcamp training with the help of cutting-edge technologies, methods and techniques assists the participants to perform the intensive assessments required to identify and deal with the risks of the security of the infrastructure.

LPT - Licensed Penetration Tester main aim is to ensure that every professional licensed by EC-Council obey a strict code of ethics and follow best practices in the domain of penetration testing and aware of all the compliance requirements in the industry.

Mercury Solutions Limited is the leading Authorized Learning partner with EC- Council provides official EC-Council ECSAv9/ LPT training programs to the participants from across globe

Who should attend?

  • Network Administrators
  • Firewall Administrators
  • System Administrators
  • Risk Assessment Professionals
  • Security Testers


  • Windows/Unix/Linux systems or equivalent experience is mandatory.
  • Basic Understanding of TCP/IP.
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification is pertinent for LPT License.
  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA V9) certification for LPT.
  • Fill up and submit the LPT Application form along with required documents is required for LPT.


  • ECSAv9

ECSAv9 / LPT Training Bootcamp Benefits

  • The official curriculum of ECSA training being backed by experienced in the industry, aspirants get the best learning in the industry on this domain.
  • Greater validation and acceptance as a legal and ethical security professional is offered.
  • EC-Council's endorsement as a licensed penetration tester offers you to practice as a penetration testing consultant internationally.
  • Upon attaining the ECSA certification you get access to proprietary EC-Council software, templates and penetration testing methodologies.
  • ECSA sets you on the path towards achieving the LPT certification.

ECSAv9 / LPT Training and Certification Boot Camp Includes

For a different learning experience, Mercury Solutions Limited offers top notch education in an all-inclusive package. To reach every student’s learning needs, we have a customized set of course material which caters to the audio, video, and text training. We take care of every possible detail of your comfort, so that you can focus completely on your training.

Our Package includes:

  • Round- the- clock Instructor-led program and lab access
  • One-on-one/group training by Certified Subject matter experts
  • Highly interactive lectures, group exercises, and review sessions
  • Intensive Hands-on Training
  • One computer per candidate
  • Certification Exam Fees Included.
  • Independent study
  • Self-testing software
  • in-house testing
  • 24/7 High speed internet connectivity
  • Small class size
  • Stay, meals( breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • To- and- fro facility at the airport, and between the training centre and the apartment.

Centered around your success, www.bookmybootcamp.com takes pride in offering a learning-conducive and state-of-the-art educational environment wherein you will attend rigorous instructions and hands-on training, plus also have access to comfortable study rooms for self- study.
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ECSA-v9 - Exam Track

  Course   Course ContentsExam CodeExamRegular

ECSA-v9 - Course Schedule

Regular Xpress Flexi Super
7* days6* days
New Batch starts every Monday

*Includes day of arrival, practice & Certification Exam Days

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