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Social Responsibility

At Bookmybootcamp.com, we know that social responsibility helps organizations, individuals and governments have a positive impact on business, development and society.

For us, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been the foundation stone of success right from inception in the year 2000. Our objective through CSR is to help communities in enriching their quality of life. Our core values – Innovation, Care, Passion and Trust are the guiding blocks for us in everything we do.

India is a vast country with many diversities and we are aware of the need to do business beyond financial considerations and therefore always put in that little extra to ensure that we are perceived not just as IT training company that exist for profits, but as wholesome entity created for the betterment of the society.

As a constructive partner of the organizations we deal with, Bookmybootcamp.com has been taking tangible actions to realise its social responsibility and thereby building value for its partners and customers. We, as a growing IT boot camp training company respect rights of every delegate, value our employees, and invest in innovative technologies and solutions for IT development and training.

In the past decade, Mercury Ltd. (parent company of bookmybootcamp.com) has supported innumerable community and social initiatives in India. Touching the lives of those who are born many miles away from the places where technological revolutions are changing our everyday lives, we are supporting many social and educational programmes in the region.

Career Training Project

This project constitutes free computer and language training to educated but unemployed youths in Delhi and nearby areas. Mercury Ltd. believes that the moral of a youth can only be uplifted by giving him/her necessary training for work that can help those secure good jobs. A true contribution is the contribution of knowledge and education. Giving people financial assistance might help them for few days but giving them education ensures that they don’t need assistance ever again in their lifetime.

The relevance of our corporate social responsibility projects is significant because we operate in a country that is progressing every day and night but with that progress, the gap between urban and rural is widening. Through our little contribution, we are trying to bridge that gap and take our computers, softwares and equipments to people living at far flung places.

We have a team that is equally dedicated towards sharing every bit of knowledge with these people and passionate about changing their lives in any way it can. If you share our passion of love for society, we invite you to visit our project sites during your visits to India. We would be very interested in any ideas of improvement you can share with us for this whole cause.