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Our trainers are exclusively certified by our partners to teach. They have a thorough understanding of the technologies they coach in, along with a broad-spectrum experience in development. They have enhanced their knowledge by participating in complicated real-world scenarios related to information technology, and each of their learning reflects in way they teach courses and write books. Their domain knowledge allows them to address any concerns you encounter in the training sessions.

Yes, we know that a knowledgeable instructor is a great thing, but familiarity with subject alone doesn't make for a good trainer. At bookmybootcamp.com, instructors encourage participation, deliver the curriculum on time and lead the students towards successful knowledge comprehension, retention as well as certification. As the part of leading IT certification training centre in India, our trainers assist every student individually and possess a sincere desire to cater to students from varied aptitude levels and background.

At an offshore training centre like ours, we stress on providing the optimum combination of knowledge, experience and outstanding coaching skills, enabling our delegates to leave the software training course with an immeasurably improved skill set.


The Training Methodology

Assessment, Training, Certification

Despite the current economic recession, there are more than 500,000 IT job openings in USA alone. Many of these jobs require skills that are tested through Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and Linux certifications. Keeping this in mind, we have devised a three step strategy that includes - Assessment, Training and Certification.

In order to take the test, you must pre-register at our site. Click here to pre-register. Once you sign up, we will send you an email with instructions on how to proceed with the assessment test.


Whether you want to attend Microsoft training in India, looking forward to a Cisco or oracle training boot camp or interested in knowing about Linux training facilities in India, we know what you want and our methodology forms the basis of presentation of our classes. We like to keep the style casual but never miss the focus.

Brief lectures are always followed by practical work–out sessions intended to give you instantaneous understanding of the technology you are here to learn. We also encourage participants to work on projects daily so that they can judge their skills. Trainers are easy to approach and gladly offer help should you face any difficulty in understanding the concepts. Our training centre is where students spend most of their time; classrooms are the places where they build a deep bonding with peers and instructors, giving rise to a highly fascinating and dynamic relationship that is very unlikely to develop at any other offshore training environment in the world.


Certification exams are conducted through Prometric and Pearson VUE. In order to keep the training period as comfortable as possible for delegates, we have a Prometric test centre within our premises. To prepare you for the exams, our instructors conduct a series of mock tests and create sample test question papers that can help you in measuring your knowledge and skill set.